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Usukicon fancies

Well thanks to me moving, and Betty being out on vacation this weeks News have been a little slow. BUT none the less, here is a new Book hehe
We don’t have much information on it yet, if you have any details like description and ID, please Neomail mrs_weasley13.


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2 Responses to “Usukicon fancies”

  1. matthewnelson says:

    When I hover over the book with the bow, I do not see the name of it.

    And is there a way I can export the book list to excel so I can figure out books I’ve read and can afford?

  2. Andulien says:

    Well we don’t know that about this Usukicon Book either. We are still looking for the Books name, and hope that we find an eager reader who knows.
    As for the Excel, as of right now we don’t have a way of doing that, but we might think of something. Thanks for the idea 🙂