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Unrest put to rest… And Happy April Fools Day!

Well, we had a really close call here at S2bookworld. There was a serious misunderstanding between Miss Piggy and some of the other Muppets, as you could see from the wanted poster that was up. As you may know Miss Piggy can get a little…uh… bossy at times and likes to take charge of things.

Turns out today was her birthday, and she doesn’t take kindly to having that not being remembered first thing in the morning 😉 Thank goodness the misunderstanding was cleared up.

She promises that she will restore people’s proper ranks sometime soon 🙂

For now, she has sent us a snapshot of how happy she is again:

For those of you who have been on Neo today, we hope you enjoyed all the pie throwing and pranking that TNT allowed us to do!

Just a reminder that today after the pranking is done, you have a chance to get the April Fools Avatar by visiting the New Features

You can only get me today


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