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Treats for the Highest of Royalty

It’s time for the Annual Chocolate Ball here in Neopia, and to celebrate some new royal gourmet treats have been released:

Your pets will feel like royalty with these treats

Also in today’s news was a message from Lawyerbot:
“Site Update – Over the next few days, the Code Myncis will be migrating all account information, like usernames and such, over to a fancy new system they built. They’re really jazzed about it, but that unfortunately means some slowness and downtime for the site overall, so we wanted to give you a heads up and let you know what to expect once they’re done:

* Usernames and passwords will work on both Neopets.com and PetpetPark.com. (They already do, but this is better.) 😉
* During this time, you may not be able to update your account data on the site, including your password. (There will be an error message instead.)
* Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will have changed! You will see a message to accept the new versions the next time you log in after the maintenance is over.
* Registration will be down for a bit during this time so you will not be able to create new accounts.
* We need to fill in missing data in the new system, so you may be asked to update your email address (or your parents email address), your country, and your state information.

We hope to keep the downtime as short as possible, but please be patient with us during the maintenance! ”

So, if you are having trouble with neo over the next couple of days, feel free to stop by our chat room and pass the time with a visit 😉


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