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The Faeries Ruin Plot

There are a couple of books that can be won by completing the first step of this new plot. If you haven’t read the comic yet, then start with that.

Then head over to Xandra’s Library to work you way through the library.
Hanso can move one square at a time…either straight or diagonally. Then Xandra gets a move and tries to get close enough to shoot a beam at Hanso to zap him. There are 3 parts to completing this task:

1. Ooh, Shiny!
“To complete this, pick up the artefact that started this whole mess”. There are 3 books in this level to collect that are bonus items:

None of these are new books, and you don’t need to collect the bonus items to complete the step. All you need to do is pick up the mirror.

2. The Task at Hand.
“Avoid being distracted by irrelevant fripperies”…collect all the glowing artifacts in the library and get out the door to finish this part. If you pick up any books in this level, you won’t finish the task.

3. Proximity Warning.
“Narrowly escape Xandra’s scholarly wrath.” Collect all the glowing items and get next to Xandra before getting out of the library.


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