About Us

These people run the S2 Database and the S2 Book World Guild. Get to know who they are and learn what they do for S2. If you have suggestions or need any help, contact the person in charge of that area of interest and they’ll do their best to help you.

Maurice (Andulien):
Keeping everybody in order and working is his first priority. Next to that is thinking of a new Secret Project hehe

Tastic Genie
Duties: General Monitor, News, Database, Content, Promotions, Secret Projects, Everything on S2.
Obsessions: Booktastics, Mugs.
Contact: Neomail me.

Betty (mrs_weasley13):
I am the queen of lists, and enjoy a good cup of tea! I love reading in rl too!

Title: Library Faerie
Duties: Gourmet Database, News, General DB work, Promotions
Obsessions: Books, Soups, Books, Chocolate, Books, tea, gourmets…you get the picture 🙂
Contact: Neomail me.

Lyda (egyptfrost):
I’m a happy person that spends all of my time restocking, restocking, sniping, and restocking in search of those elusive r99 Books.

Title: CCard Guard
Duties: Book Database, Collectible Cards, (Content)
Obsessions: Snowflakes, Snowmen, Snow…Habitarium, Books and Avatars
Contact: Neomail me.

Zixi (zixianna):
Obsessively seeking ways to thwart Dr. Frank Sloth, Zixi endlessly and obsessively scours the land for new books and new knowledge, unless distracted by… OOH! SHINY!

Title: Subcouncil
Duties: Book Database, Booktastic Database
Obsessions: Books and Sparkle Potions
Contact: Neomail me.

Sallie (pawziam):
I love reading and go through 2 or 3 books a week, the library is my second home!
My main pet is an avid reader, too and I am constantly saving up to buy him more books. I also ride horses. And I Love keeping the Database prices up-to-date!

Title: Subcouncil
Duties: Database Prices
Obsessions: Books, Computers, and Horses!
Contact: Neomail me.


On Hiatus
These staff members are currently on hiatus from Neopets, but they’re still a part of our team!

Richard (elcid42):
While wandering through Neopia looking for books, I see something I want it. I need it til I’ve got it. I wanted it til I got it. Believed in it til I got it. Then I wanted something else.

Title: Database Wizard
Duties: Database
Obsessions: Gross Food & Dung
Contact: Neomail me.

Johan (__andraste__):
Booktastic Books, Altador Cup and Plotting with Dr Frank Sloth how to steal an r100 BB from Andulien Hehe

Title: Orange Grundo
Duties: Booktastic Database, Monitor
Obsessions: Booktastic Books and nothing else!!!
Contact: Neomail me.

Steve (steve_km):
I’m not creative, but being a businessman, stamps are my business hehe.

Title: Subcouncil
Duties: Food & Stamp Database
Obsessions: Stamps, Reselling, Sniping, Helping Others
Contact: Neomail me.

Candace (schnurbs):
Hunter/Gatherer/Tender of the Hearth.

Title: ElderRoo
Duties: Guild Events, Monitor, Guild, Guild, Guild
Obsessions: Books, Stamps, Coins, Habitarium, The Games Room
Contact: Neomail me.