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A Super Muppet is a loyal S2 member. He/she has been in the guild for at least 1 month and has explored the website. He/she has an understanding of how the Guild operates.

Ready to step it up?

How to become a Super Muppet
– Follow all Guild Rules.
– Be a part of the Guild for at least 1 month.
– Show your S2 Pride by placing a Guild banner in your shop, gallery and/or lookup.
– Respect your fellow Guild Members.
– You must at least post on the message board once or come into the chat. (A short introductory post on the boards is required).
– Have an honorary badge in one category (Books, Booktastics, Gourmets) OR have at least 5 game trophies OR 100 avatars.
– Explore the Website before asking for a Rank upgrade.
– Pass the following test.

Passing the Super Muppet Test

Before sending in your Super Muppet Test answers, you MUST meet all other requirements. After having done so, send in your answers in order for it to be graded. Please note that a perfect score on the test is not necessary to pass.

If you seem to have put enough effort in taking the test, only incorrectly answering one or two questions, chances of passing the test are in your favor. However, if it is evident that no thought or consideration was taken in answering the questions, you will have to take the test over again.

Please be patient as you wait for your results. If you have passed, you will receive a short response via e-mail and you will be upgraded in the Guild. If you did not pass the test, which includes meeting all other requirements, you will receive a response via e-mail or neomail stating why you were not eligible for a rank upgrade. You are required to wait 48 hours before sending in another rank upgrade request if you did not pass the test the previous time. Thank you for reading this, and we hope to see you with a new rank!

Super Muppet Test
Answer the following questions and paste both the questions and your answers into the submission form below.
Note: If you are stuck on a question or two, please do not spend hours looking on the site for the answer(s). Simply send in your test without answering the question(s).


1. On what date (mm/dd/yy) did you join the guild (check the Guild Memberlist to find out)?
2. Name all council members by name.
3. Who does the S2 News Posts?
4. What have been the best News you have read so far on the News Page?
5. Who is in charge of the Website Content?
6. Who is in charge of promotions?
7. Have you posted on the Guild Board and/or visited the Chatroom?
8. Please name a current discussion topic on the board/chat room.
9. Who is the S2 Mascot?
10. Who is in charge of the Book and who for the Card Database?
11. Which council member has an obsession with shiny things?
12. What year did books start disappearing once they were read?
13. Name three reasons why your message may be deleted from the message board.
14. What would get you suspended from the Guild or Chat?
15. Have you placed a Guild banner anywhere (shop, userlookup, pet website, etc.)?
16. How did you find out about the Guild and what motivated you to join us?
17. What kind of items do you collect?
18. What can you bring or have you brought to the guild?
19. If you were the Guild leader for a day, what changes would you make?

Do make sure to enter your correct Neopets username so that we can update your Status Level on Neopets. Please make sure to enter a correct Email address, so that we can contact you about your rank status or for further questions. Your Data will not be used for any other purpose.