Platinum Collector

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What’s this I hear about you wanting to rise to the TOP? Well dear former Muppet, it seems there is room for you on the balcony here beside us with a new shiny personalized Platinum Trophy! But not just anyone can be considered for this seat of honor. Well, if you’re serious, sit yourself down and prove that you’re Platinum Collector worthy…

The view is lovely from up here!

In order to become a Platinum Collector, you must have been at least 12 months active in the Guild and you must be a Gold Collector in good standing. Do we know who you are? Make yourself known on the boards! Share your ideas!

You must meet 3 of the following criteria:
– Gold, Silver or Bronze Book Award
– Gold, Silver or Bronze Booktastic Book Award
– Gold, Silver or Bronze Gourmet Award
– Gold, Silver or Bronze Stamp Award
– Gold, Silver or Bronze Avatar Award
– Gold, Silver or Bronze Collectable Cards Award

meet one of the following criteria:
– A minimum of 300 avatars
– At least 200 different Games played, and 24 Games Trophies earned
– Be a current or former Guild or Database Staffer (Former Staff will earn a rank of whatever they could earned +1 level)

Soon to be Platinum!

Platinum Collector Questions
Answer the following questions and paste both the questions and your answers into the submission form below.

1. Which pets have earned an Award, and what Award do they have?
2. In what ways have your contributed to the guild or helped fellow Guild Members?
3. If you were Guild leader, what changes would you make, and why?

Do make sure to enter your correct Neopets username so that we can update your Status Level on Neopets. Please make sure to enter a correct Email address, so that we can contact you about your rank status or for further questions. Your Data will not be used for any other purpose.