Guild Ranks

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So You Want A New Rank?

Please first read this page first, so you can learn about how Rank Upgrades work in our Guild. Then click on the rank you wish to apply for at the top, make sure you’re eligible, complete the application and send it to us. With receiving the Status of Silver Collector you will also get a personalized Trophy from us.

Ready to Upgrade?

Rules about rank upgrades

Do not send your application more than once. Rank upgrades may be sorted as early as a week or two. Each application is handled personally and once yours has been read you will either get upgraded or notified that there were errors.

We are human, and have lives too, so do NOT bug us if you don’t get upgraded right away. It will only cause your application to be delayed longer or rejected.

Do not ask for an upgrade publicly. This means do not post messages on the board or chat, “I have completed all the steps to become a Super Muppet and I’m still just a Muppet”.
This will add ONE MONTH on to how long you have to be a member of the guild, for your rank upgrade.

One Neomail will do it. If you are not upgraded within two weeks from the time you sent your application you may mail again. If you have been rejected for an upgrade, you will get an e-mail stating why. You will receive a reply with you new Trophy link if you have been upgraded.

I’ll slow everything down muhahahaa

You cannot skip ranks. Take it step by step.

Do not question the rank upgrades of others.

Do not ask in the chat or on the Guild message board, about help with your rank quiz. The whole point of the quiz is to see how well *YOU* know S2. Doing this will result in you NOT being upgraded for one month after the question is asked.

If you submit a quiz and get an email back asking you to look over a certain question, your application for rank upgrade has been denied at this time. Please read over the questions again and resubmit. You must wait one week to reapply for a Rank Upgrade.

Once you are a Super Muppet, you must wait two weeks before applying to be an Silver Collector.

How to be demoted or banned from guild

Breaking a Guild Rule. The Guild has the right to demote or ban you without warning. This is a worst case scenario. In most cases, you will receive a warning from the Council. After the warning if deviant actions continue, you will be demoted. In worst case, you will be banned from the Guild/Chat.

Don’t be evil!!!

If you have any other questions, please Neomail the appropriate Council Member or send a message through our Contact Us page.