Member Galleries

Welcome S2er! You have stumbled upon our Members Gallery page. This page is home to our Members spiffy Galleries! Sit back, relax, and be astonished and bewildered by the sheer amazingness that is sure to ensue…

Here you can see what your fellow S2 Members have spent a good amount of their lifetime on. They have been gathering these pixels and arranging them in a fashionable manner for your viewing pleasure!

If you wish to be added to this page, please contact Andulien by sending him a Neomail.
(*NOTE: You must be a Super Muppet or above and have at least 30 Items in your Gallery to be featured here, sowwie!)

Please include the following information: Your Neopets username, the Gallery(s) name, and the Gallery(s) link! All will be helpful in adding you to this page. Feel free to let us know also two Items that we should feature here. Enjoy.

Andulien’s wondrous German Mugs Gallery

Mrs_Weasley13’s Soup Kitchen Gallery

Coco’s Monkey Mayhem Gallery

neomaniac513’s Grundo Alphabet Gallery