Guild Rules ::: Chat Rules

We wrote these Rules to make this Guild an enjoyable place for everyone EXCEPT the people who enjoy making others miserable. Everybody should feel happy and at Home in our Guild! People breaking these rules will be dealt with appropriately (Banning, Blacklisting, Post deletion).

Follow me, Read me, Live by me…

Remember that there are hundreds of members in our Guild, and our Rules are designed to make it fair for everyone. Nobody is given special treatment. The S2 staff is held to these same Rules that Members are held accountable to.


Guild Rules

These Rules count for all Guild activities. May it be the Guild Boards, Neomailing Guild Members or Contacting our Staff.

Respect Your Council

We are doing our best to make this guild as great as it can be, and put a lot of effort and free time into this! Don’t be disrespectful. If you have an issues with how something was handled or have a general question, please present it to us nicely via Neomail or the Contact Us Form (not in public). Ultimately however, what we say goes.

Respect Your Peers

Respect your fellow members. We SHOULD be able to stop with the rules right here, as it all boils down to respect for others.

Your font must be readable. Sizes 2 and 3 are most common. Do not use pale font colors. Most backgrounds are white, so darken your font accordingly. Use other Guild Board posts as a guideline. Do not keep asking if your font is readable.

Think about the other members and that they will also read your posts. If your post does not apply to the Guild as a whole, please use a Neomail.

No Cheating

There probably isn’t a quicker way to get banned from this guild than by cheating or even SUGGESTING that someone cheat. Password-stealing pages, auto-buying programs, auction-rigging schemes and the likes are all strictly forbidden. If there is one thing the Guild Council wants, is guild to be known for its INTEGRITY.

No Lying

Liars will not be tolerated in our guild…PERIOD.

No Spamming the Message Board

Spamming includes posting the same message over and over again or posting lots of meaningless messages or going against one of our rules. Also advertising other Guilds/Shops within our is not allowed. These things make the board hard to read and it is very disruptive. If you find that your messages are disappearing after you post them, please take this as a hint that the Guild Council thought that your messages were spammy in nature. (TNT also deletes old messages on a regular basis)

No Cursing or General Meannes

Swearing, Abuse, Harassment or anything that could hurt someone’s feelings will not be allowed on the message boards or via Neomails. Remember the comment above about respect? Re-read it if you believe this behavior should be acceptable here.

No Begging

Please don’t beg for items or ask for Neopoints from other members.


We cannot please everyone, therefore we do not expect any other member of this Guild to please everyone. We are going to have to learn to tolerate what we don’t like about other Guild Members. We are in no way saying you must like another Guild Member or like what another Guild Member does. We are simply saying, overlook the small things. If Harry posts on the Guild Board that he got 4 unbuyable Books in one day, you might want to wring his neck and say “Stop bragging”. Instead, simply ignore him.
He is just excited.


We all learned this in Kindergarten, it should not have to be explained in more detail.

Common Sense

Use your head. If you think what you are about to say could upset or disturb someone, DON’T say it.
Please try not to respond to people breaking the Rules. You may do so if you can be helpful to them, and if you include it in a regular post (not a single post just to correct them).


Use the Neomail to Contact our staff if you have a specific questions, suggestions, or complaints. Do not post it on the Guild board.


Chat Rules

Please read the rules of our chat server EsperNet. Breaking THEIR rules will not only get you banned from S2chat but will get you banned from joining any chat room located on EsperNet.

Do not join other Chatrooms uninvited. This is rude and annoying.

I Rule!!!

S2bookworld chat is STRICTLY a S2 Book World Chatroom. The chat is reserved for Members of S2 Book World and Friends. We have the right to ban any person who enters, without public discussion. If you feel you have been banned unfairly, please contact Andulien. When a final decision is made, it is set in stone. If you persist, action will be taken with the founders of EsperNet.

All users must respect channel operators and realize that their decision is final and must be obeyed. Operators must also respect users and not abuse their power in any way or it will be removed. Operators are NOT above any of the rules specified here and MUST abide by them just the same as a normal user would. If you have a problem with a channel operator, contact Andulien.

General Rules

Use Common Sense
Be nice
No fighting
Do not discuss, promote or talk bad about any other Guild in our Chat Room. This is rude, disrespectful and unneeded.
Do not ask or try to obtain OP status in the chat room.
Do not ask or try to obtain a persons Neopet Password.
Do not advertise Neopet cheats or scams.

Script Rule: One line scripts are allowed as long as they pertain to Neopets, or the Guild and have NO Sound.

You may only idle in chat if you change your name to XXX-away. Please do not abuse this and idle all day.

If you have a disagreement with another guild member, please do not fight it out in chat or on the message board. Simply type “/ignore username” and contact a Council Member.