About the Guild

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Ever wondered how the S2 Guild came to be? Who runs it? What the Guild’s purpose is? Then you are here in the right place!

What We Are?

The S2 Book World Guild is a Neopets.com Guild. The Members are focused on reading and collecting items to educate their Neopets. Along with Book and Stamp Collectors we have many other trophy hunters in our Guild. Our main Goal is to gather all the Information on Neopets Collectibles that we possibly can so that our Members can achieve their Goals, whether they want to make their pets more intelligent or want to earn a shiny Gold Trophy.

What We Do?

We share all kinds off Collector Item information with our enthusiastic. Since items like books need to be purchased, we help each other with posting ‘snag’ alerts to let other S2 members know about a cheap deal on the Wiz, Trades, or Auctions. Occasionally our members give away a few reduced or free price books if they’re feeling generous (watch the guild board for notices put up by individuals). You wouldn’t get all this just floating around on the Neoboards, so it’s wonderful to have a Guild like ours.

Did someone say cheap???

One of our most awesome features is an up to date Database for Books, Booktastics, Stamps, Gourmet Foods, Collectable Cards, Game Trophies and Avatars. You can keep a current list of the items you have and the Database will tell you which items you still need, estimated prices of items, and tips on how to earn certain trophies.

Why We Do What We Do?

Our council, along with our hundreds of members share a love for books and collectibles both real and virtual. We are here to help each other with sharing information and tips on how to succeed. We are passionate about keeping our information current and relevant. We encourage each other to continue. Why? Well, because we love it of course!

We just love it. Yay!!!

What We Do Not Do?

Guilds used to be famous for contests, but naughty scammers forced Neopets to put an end to these events. Anyone doing it now is risking to lose their Guild. Frankly, very few people really participate in events like that anyhow, so it’s not a huge loss 😉 We did have a Guild shop and books auctions in the past, but these no longer take place.

Sold for fr.. just joking hehe…

Books are not cheap, so the Guild is unable to give away free books, but please check our News site for information about our book deals for Guild members.

How Can You Help Us?

You can help us best by reading through the S2 Book World site and familiarizing yourself with how we run the Guild. Being helpful and kind to your fellow Guild Members helps keep this Guild running smoothly 🙂

We rarely have Council positions open. But when we do, people who are active in the guild and demonstrate their passion will be best fit for those spots. We want to make sure we can trust them and that they will work together with us helping others to achieve their goals. It takes a lot to keep the Guild running, and we need our whole Team working together for this.

If you really want to be part of our team, get into our Guild and start supporting the members and the Council. Being part of our team is not about prestige, so if all you want is to be on a Guild’s Council so you look important, please find another guild. WE are here to HELP each other, NOT ourselves!!!

Together we are at our best.