Guild Headquarters

Welcome to the S2 Book World Guild Headquarter!

Defenders of Collectable Trophies

Our Neopets Guild Goal is to help out ALL enthusiastic item collectors to reach their Goals in the Neopian Collectors World. Whether you are trying to make your pets a little smarter, or are going for one of those shiny Gold Trophies, this Guild is sure to serve you well.

We are proud of having some of the most well read Neopian Book and Booktastic Book Club Trophy holders as members of this guild, as well as many other top collectors and hope you will join that list as well.

Are you a Collector of Books, Stamps, Gourmet, Avatars … ?

I want to collect them all…

You can find many people who share your interests here and if you are looking for insider information you will sure find out by getting in contact with our Guild and checking out our S2 Book World Site.

Our Guild members have developed a deep passion for collecting Neo-Items. They collect Items like Booktastic Books, are managing to beat a certain game to get an avatar/trophy or have been looking for people of their kin to encourage them to keep going in one of the plots, a gaming competition or one of the many other collecting possibilities on Neopets.

If you are looking for others who share your interest in collecting items on neopets, or want to keep you encouraged on your goals, this here is just the right place for you.

Read through our site to familiarize yourself with our Rules and the help we offer. Most questions can be answered by reading our site, but if you need further help don’t hesitate to contact one of our Council members on our About Us Page.