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Estimate Price to reach the next Trophy

Monday, March 25th, 2013

It has been a much requested feature. We’ve always been struggling if we should implement it or not. But we have finally come around to build and implement it.

Here is our new completely unique feature which you won’t find anywhere else. Your Need Lists will calculate how many Neopoints you approximately need, in order to reach the next trophy. On your have lists you will find the total amount of Neopoints you have spent for the items you have collected.
You will now find this feature for all your priced up lists (Books, Booktastic Books, Collectable Cards, Gourmets, Stamps).

Let’s count it up.

Disclaimer: As usual remember that this number is NOT 100% accurate, as prices constantly change. Further more, don’t get discouraged on any number you might see, as there are always good deals out there and collecting your favorites over time won’t be as bad as it might look at the start.

Now let’s see how I (Andulien) am doing:

You currently need 323 (est. 142,533,772 NP) Books to reach the Bronze Trophy. – Ufff…
You currently need 2 (est. 700,000 NP) Booktastic Books to reach the Gold Trophy. – Much better 🙂

Skarvat has read 2313 books worth around 184,407,593 NP.
Skarvat has read 122 Booktastic books worth around 141,495,183 NP.
Wait, I really spent this MUCH already? Didn’t seem like it 😉

Good luck collecting everybody.

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