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Save the Wheels continued…and Some New Loyal User Perks

It looks like one of the prizes given out by the Save the Wheels event was initially categorized as a gift, but now is readable as a book. This book is being given out for donating 1,000 – 9,999 NP to save the Wheel of Excitement.

Read now if you want to save the wheels today!

TNT also gave out two new Loyal User Perks this week. It seems that older accounts now can have up to 15 lots in the Trading Post…the previous limit was 10 lots. And the best for last *drum roll*….this will have our reading members doing a dance of Muppet joy. Here is an excerpt from today’s editorials:

“One of our more recent Loyal User Perks is that there is a small chance a book won’t disappear when you read it to your Neopet.” 🙂 I was lucky enough to have this happen to me in the last week, and thought it was a glitch. *high-fives TNT for giving out awesome perks*

Have a great weekend Muppets!


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