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S2bookworld avatar challenge

So, we council members have been chatting, and we thought it would be a fun to work as a guild group to earn some game avatars together. Of course, the bonus is that we also earn some nps to support our collecting habits!

A lot of us still need many of the game avatars, and we thought it would be a lot more fun to earn them together…and of course make our user lookups even cooler with a higher avatar count, and maybe earn this:


Watch the guild board for avatar challenges to be announced each week.
If anyone finds a stellar game guide for the current game, please post it on the guild board! It is meant as a guild activity for everyone to participate in. Thoughts and ideas welcome 🙂 Our link on Neopets is:

Ok….first game/avatar challenge is going to be….

dun dun duuun….

Feed Florg

A score of 250+ points needed for the avvie.

Handy dandy guides to help us get there:



Post your progress, and good luck!
Oh…and try not to look like this fellow while working on those games 😉

And remember…Muppets rock!!


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