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S2 Member Galleries back

As we are slowly adding again more Pages to our Guild Headquarters, we have next up our great Members Gallery Page.

Collecting, collecting, collecting…

Our Members have spent a good amount of time to create some brilliant and great looking Galleries. We from the S2 Team just feel it to be right to share these amazing Galleries with all our other Members. Hence we are taking again Applications for new Galleries to be added to our Members Gallery Page.

Our Newest addition is the neat looking Grundo Gallery from neomaniac513. She has put in a great amount of effort to slowly catch all Grundo items to fit into the Grundo Styled Gallery.

Keep Collecting and stay amazed

So join in and show off your Galleries. If you are not a Super Muppet yet, have a look at our Rank Upgrades.

S2 Team


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