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S2 Book World ONLY – New Feature

So as it happens from time to time I have a spontaneous new idea for making S2 Book World even better than before. This happened, now once again, and I would like to give everybody a chance to be part of this and am curious on the response.

Doesn’t it also bug you to see a new item in our list with NO Price or still a very HIGH price, due to it being a new item? Well it certainly has been bugging me, but this will now change with a completely new fix for our Need lists.

For a first response and performance testing this new feature has been rolled out on the Booktastics Need List so far.

If you HOVER over a price, you will see the Average Price of all items, excluding the one hovering over, of that rarity.
So as an example:

For Boxes of Bolts our DB will search for all items with the rarity r86, excluding Boxes of Bolts, takes the sum of the price and divides it by the number of items to get the average.
Boxes of Bolts – 80,000NP
– Robot Lenny Repair Manual – 88,000 NP
– Astrophysics for Beginners – 96,000 NP
– Computing the Kreludan Way – 23,000 NP

88,000 + 96,000 + 23,000 = 207,000 / 3 = 69,000 NP Average for r86 Booktastic Books.

Please let me know what you think about this feature either in the comments or send me a Neomail or use our Contact us form. If it is well received I will rollout this new feature to all other Database sections.

Your S2 Admin,



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