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Rubbish Avatar – Solution

Woot! There is a new avatar for us to unlock.

“The Angry Yurble Janitor should be marginally pleased by the steps that need to be taken to receive this new Avatar… ”

Hopefully I get unlocked faster than the Wishing Well Avatar!

If you are lucky enough to unlock it, please let us know so we can share the solution with our readers! Good luck!

Thanks to remotely for popping into our chat room to let us know that the Rubbish avatar is unlocked randomly when using the quickstock feature to put things into your SDB. The item rarity/estimated price of what your are stocking doesn’t matter.

From today’s editorial: “**Community Notice**
We discovered a glitch this morning with the new avatar, which was causing it to be granted in ways that were not intended. If you got it already, no reason to worry or write in, but we have also fixed the glitch so it will no longer be given out in this unintended manner.”

Stay tuned…We will keep you updated once the solution is confirmed.

The solution has now been confirmed! The avatar is randomly awarded for using the quickstock feature to discard items.

Good luck everyone!!


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