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Nox’s Locks…Chapter 4 of Faeries Ruin

Chapter 4 of the plot brings us to Castle Nox which you can also find in the deserted fairground in the Haunted Woods.

“Welcome to the castle of villainous mastermind Hubrid Nox. Since you pose no threat to him whatsoever, Nox could care less whether you have a look around or not. Therefore, feel free to browse…”

“The heroes are trapped in Nox’s castle! But Hanso and Brynn have found some kind of strange machine that might let them help the others escape.”
The pegs represent the heroes. Your job is to get them to where they need to go. The castle has 4 levels and the heroes may be on any one of them. The rooms are separated by colored doors. On the bottom are 5 knobs…each can be set to a color. Map out which doors you want the hero to go through and set the knobs in sequence. They will open in the order that you set them. Some rooms have traps in them that will stun the hero…this will cause them to miss a move, so you will need to open those doors twice in order for them to get through. Your mission is to get them all to the gold exit on the main floor. In order to get out the door you will first need to find the gold key to unlock the door.

There are also 3 achievements for you to work on:

We All Scream: Each of the heroes must pass though the room marked with the ice cream icon

Fort Nox: Find the treasure chest…this is unmarked. It could be in any room.

And One For All: Move all your heroes together and get them out the golden exit as a group

When you have completed these 3 tasks, you will find 2 prizes in your inventory:
Hubrid Nox Treasure Chest

Happy questing Muppets!


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