IRC Commands

/nick newnickname
Change nicknames without leaving the chat room.

/me action
Creates an action in a channel. Appears as * nickname action here.

Leave the chat room.

Clears your Window from all the Old Messages.

/msg nickname your message here
Sends a private message to the nickname specified.

/NickServ REGISTER password email
This command will allow you to register your nickname with QuickChat Services, this will ensure that nobody else can use your Username.
(Note: always use a good password and your REAL email, because if you lose your password, they are your only chance to getting it back.)

/NickServ IDENTIFY password
This command will allow you to identify with NickServ.

/NickServ SET passwd newpassword
This allows you to change your nickname password.

/NickServ SET email newemail
This command allows you to change your email in your /ns info yournickname.

/NickServ SET showemail on/off
If a user wishes his/her email to be seen by other uses, he/she should turn it on.

Common IRC Commands:
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