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New Pages and Completed Books

Today we have some Interesting Site Updates, and great News for all our Book readers.

First things first, for all our New Readers out there, we have added a New Book Section in our Menu. You will find there a nice list of cheap Books, to give you a great start into the fascinating World of Reading. Now we have just started this new section, so there is more to come 😉

I have been working hard on writing these Books

Now to our current Database Members, we have finally added ALL Books that have been still on our Missing list that have been released and have now just 12 Books on our Missing list. If you see any of these anywhere, please Contact Yolin so they can be set Active. We will try to get in contact with TNT to see if they might have overlooked those first pretty Books, that have been MIA since years.

We are still missing the Following Books:

And so that the Food people won’t get jealous, here are a few New r99 Gourmets:

Now to all the other Books that we have been taken of the Missing List and finally set Active in our Database:


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