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New Festival of Neggs Quest

The new quest that was released today offers a new book as a prize…so we thought we’d lay out the steps for completing the quest to be sure that all of our members were able to get this new book.

1. Start with Kari and get your quest…she is looking for a petpet to help her. Go to Spooky Petpets for your next clue. There you will get a Bag of Slymook Food.

2. Go to Halloween Paint Brushes. Keep refreshing here until the next clue appears: “You spot a wild glowing Slymook, but it scampers back into the woods before you can catch it. Its trail of slime appears to be leading here” Follow the link in the message.

3. You will need to find the Glowing Slymook 5 times in a row on the map. Click on the Slymook when you find him…he will be a small green glowing blob. You can make him move without resetting the count by using the “keep searching” button at the bottom of the map. Once you find 5 of them you will get the following message: You finally manage to grab one for more than a few seconds. You had better hang on! As you travel through the Haunted Woods on your way back to the Festival, you stumble across a book lying on the ground. As you reach down to pick it up, the Slymook wiggles out of your grasp. You see him scamper off, heading for the Deserted Fairground. That’s no place for a Petpet. It can be dangerous with all of those custard pies flying around. You’d better follow him. You are given a new book 🙂

4. Head over to the Deserted Fairgrounds and send a score of over 3oo in Carnival of Terror. Once this is done, you will get:

5. Visit the Esophagor. He says”I know where the Slymook’s hiding, but you must bring me a sweet treat, for I am HUNGRY”.

6. Head over to The Crumpetmonger and click on Cinnamon and Sugar Scone. It looks like this:

7. Go back to the Esophagor. He thanks you.

8. Next go to the Braintree. Solve the jigsaw puzzle to recieve:

9. Phew…you are done!!(Time for a little happy-dance) Head back over to Kari to let her know you are done! She has a message for you and also a prize:

Wow…a long post for today’s news!! There are a couple of new Booktastic books that were announced in todays news as well. The titles of the new books are not know as yet, so look forward to hearing about that in tomorrows post. Happy questing Muppets 😀


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