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New Festival of Neggs Quest

The prize for completing the Negg Quest released today is more new books…so to make sure that all our members get the books, here are the steps that you need to take to finish the quest:

1. Visit Kari to find out about her job for you.”The Tooth Faerie was going on about all of the places that she had to visit after leaving the Festival, but I was so busy thinking about everything that I had to do, I tuned her out. I seem to remember her saying something about having to go to a place where she could see underwater but not have to go underwater, or something along those lines. Anyway, that’s all I remember. Come back when you have the recipe!”

2. Head over to the Glass Bottom Boat. Click on the Techo’s innertube and you will get your next clue. You will be awarded a:

3. Next you will need to go to the Merry Go Round. Keep riding the Merry Go Round until you get your next clue and prize:”…Well, after she gave me a brand-new toothbrush, she hurried off to find an expert on shells. She said she had discovered a strange new one and wanted to find out more about it. To be honest, it all sounded a bit wobbly to me.”

4. The expert on shells can be found at Collectable Seashells. Apparently you MUST have a Jelly item in your inventory and a shell in your shell album for her to give you the advice. Click on the inventory link when you are given the prize

5. You try to put the Jelly Shell in your Safety Deposit Box for safe-keeping, but a swarm of Petpets appears out of nowhere, grabs the Jelly Shell, and stampedes off in a cloud of green dust. Just what has the Tooth Faerie gotten you into?!? Maybe you had better visit the source of this mystery.

6. Next, head over to Jelly World (Even though we know it doesn’t exist…just use your imagination here). Click on the green jelly. To the right of it you will see a bit of a squigglejelly maze…click on that and work your way through the maze. The end is to the right and downward.
“You see the Petpets scampering off and find the Jelly Shell on the ground, a little worse for wear. It looks like it was trampled during all of the running around. Perhaps someone around here knows what’s going on?” You will find a:

7. Back to Jelly World Jelly Foods (again using your imagination, because…really…Jelly World doesn’t exist). Keep refreshing here until you see Edible Guide to Jelly World. Click on it when you see it and…”Whoa, whoa, you’ve got to get out of here! There’s no time for shopping. Sure, I’ve seen a faerie around here, but never mind that now! THE JELLIES ARE COMING!!! RUN!!”

8. You will now need to send in a score of over 1000 in Scourge of the Lab Jellies .

9. “It’s a good thing you showed up! If you hadn’t defeated all of those Lab Jellies, I’d still be stuck in that laboratory. Let me give you some advice: Never offer to clean the teeth of anyone working in a Jelly Lab who can’t control his experiments. Now, why were you after me again? Oh, of course, the cupcake recipe! Here, let me write it down for you so you can take it back to Kari. Pardon me, but now I must get back to work!”

You will get a nice brand new book:

10. Head back to see Kari. “There you are! Please tell me you found the Tooth Faerie. You did? Good, now I can finally make those cupcakes. Where did you finally manage to track her down, by the way? Jelly World? No really, where? Fine, you don’t have to tell me. Anyway, here is your reward, as promised.”
Here is your final prize for this quest:

Good Luck, and Happy Questing!


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