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New Coins and Brightvale Books released

Well, there are 4 new items for Neopians to search for this weekend. Newly released are two Maractite coins and two Brightvale books:

Its surprising how many Neopians actually need a guide on how to pick flowers…

Please note that there is no description yet know for Alchemy Lessons, and it will not appear in the database until it is entered. Neomail me if you find out the description, and I will get it entered.

Enjoy the weekend!

EDIT: It seems that How to Pick Flowers is stocking in the Booktastic Shop (not Brightvale as announced by TNT), and when read, it adds to your Booktastic score. It has already been moved to our Booktastic database. Many thanks to one of our readers for the tip. We suspect this may also apply to Alchemy Lessons, though we are not sure yet. We will keep you posted.


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