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New Album Items

Well, it seems that the Skeith at the Collectable Coins shop has decided to expand his selection of inventory. He’s decided to now start selling “finely detailed scarab replicas”. This is for all of you who are looking for the challenge of completing a new album!

Our dedicated S2 staff has added the new Scarab Album to our Stamp Album Page, and will add the scarabs to the page as soon as we know where they belong.

So far there are two that you can search for:

You won’t be able to catch us with a net!

Also, for those of you who are searching for the Wishing Well Avatar, TNT gave out a hint in today’s editorials : O_O Uhh… wow. Well, since you feel that strongly about it… we guuuueeeesss we can give you guys a hint. The solution has absolutely nothing to do with items. 🙂 There, enjoy!”
Good luck in searching for it! If you are the lucky one to find it, let us know so we can spread the word.

Someone’s bound to find me eventually!


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