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Neodeck Collectable Cards

It has been a long road of work, but we are happy to present our Newest feature.
You will now be able to Import and keep track of your Neodeck Collectable Cards from Neopets in our Database.

Just like with Books, Booktastics, Stamps, Avatars, Gourmets, and BD challengers, you will now also be able to Import, Export, your Collectable Cards, view the ones you have, and more important for some, the ones you still need. Enjoy!

Collect all of me

On this note I would also like to welcome our Newest Staff member Juney. She’s has been around for quite some time, helping us ID items, work over our Content, and add all those pretty Cards into the S2 Neodeck.

For all these great News, I have also RESET ALL IMPORTS. So you will be able to use your Imports again and don’t have to wait for it to reset.


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