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Neopets Item Search

Wow we got a huge DB update for you. Since my life is going to be a bit more busy for a while, I thought I bring you this BIG update now 😉

It always bothered me that I had to copy and paste the names from the Collectibles I still need and search then for the Items on Neopets. First on the SW, then TP, or Auctions, so I thought why not make it easier for everybody.

So easy anybody can do it

I hope everybody enjoys this new feature on our Database. You will now be able to go directly to the Neopets Item search pages, with a link provided right next to Items in the DB Need Lists.

We’ll help you find what you are looking for.

Everything is looking a little neater as well now, with the Item Pictures in the Need-Lists, so you can be sure you get the right Item.

For those, including me, that did not like, not being able to click retired Items, or Books that can’t be read by your pet (marked in read for can’t be read/eaten or retired gourmets in purple), well they are now also clickable hehe

I’m retired, but you still can click me to add me if you got me, saweet

As it was already with the Avatars, I also added now the BD challenger descriptions on how to get them to the Battledome Challengers Need Lists.

Sorting by price has changed also a bit, as of now it will show the cheapest Items up top, and the unpriced items marked by — (either because an item is new, or unpriced on Neo) will be at the bottom.

I’m so rare you can’t put a price on me mwahahaha

And the last Update for today, we did a complete run through the Gourmet List, to reprice all of them. Remember they are still Approximates. The unpriced Items are either not on the TP or unpriced on Neo as of right now.

We are still looking for Gourmet ID’s. If you have any in your Gallery, or SDB, of which we still need the ID from please comment or Neomail me, Andulien.

Enjoy Muppets!!!


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