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Neopets Gourmet Guide

We sure have been working a ton on new content lately, as last year has been a big Database year, we thought we finally have to bring some more content to read up on.
Today we are featuring our Gourmet Info section. For all our enthusiastic feeder, and all the newbies to gourmets, we got now the information you need.

WOHOOO Finally some appreciation for me!!!

In our Gourmet Starter section you will find tips on how to feed your pet the best to be able to go up the Highscore quick. We also added a detailed Gourmet Shop Guide, so you have an easy way to find the stores selling Gourmets.

It even gets better 😉

We also added another Historic & Lost Section. As some of you might know already about this from our Book and Stamp section, we began again a looooong term search and found a lot of never released gourmets, as well as gourmets that changed their image over time. And last we also added a little guide on those mysterious Magical Chia Pops.
Enjoy 🙂


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