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Missing NeoIDs and Updates

So we decided to do a little in between Update on things we are currently working on, as well as a little help request.

First of all, as many know we work hard on keeping the DB as up-to-date as possible, tho of some of the newer Items we still need the NeoID. If you are lucky enough to have any off the following Items, or have a good friend that has those, we would be very happy if you could send us the NeoID. You can use our How to find Item IDs guide in order to get the IDs. Feel free to send them either via Neomail or via our Contact Us Form. Thanks again to all our great members that are trying to help us.

Feeling so incomplete without our unique ID…

On this note we would also like to Advertise our Hiring Staff page. As some of you might have noticed, we are doing pretty well on the Database at the moment, and are slowly getting behind the content things, but we are still looking for someone who is good with graphics, and has fun working on those.

We can’t show this to our users!

Almost last, you probably might not notice, but we did. Some of the pages weren’t aligned right because of little coding mistakes, and also some things in the DB weren’t displayed right. All of this happened only if you are using IE… Anyways, all of this is now fixed.

We also updated our Stamp Album Guide again with the newest stamps in their rightful position. Currently we have only one stamp left where the position is unknown.

I wonder where I’ll fit

We will keep you updated on more things coming up ahead. We still have some more content we are working on. Until then we wish everybody a great start into this snowy weekend. I know we will.

Wohooo finally


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