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Hot New Reads from Moltara

Today Neopian reading fans will be thrilled to hear that there are some hot new reads straight from Moltara…

Steamy, clean and profitable…all crammed into these superheated pages

Also, in case you missed it, the following is an excerpt from today’s news: “We’ve released something special for our Loyal Users today. We’d tell you where to find it, but we know you guys like a challenge. 😉 Good luck! ”

Hrmmm….I hope we find it before those pesky meepits do…good luck with hunting Muppets!

EDIT: I’m (Andulien) butting in again hehe For everybody who is 3 years or older on NP can now go to some attic sales in Neovia. There seems to be even r99 Items stocking. So good luck 🙂


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