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Happy Birthday Chad!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! To our Official Higger iluvthecountry. He has been a Member of our Guild since a looong looong time, more then 7 years and always helps where he can our members in the Chat.
He has also been helping us out constantly on the Stamps Database, especially since Andulien has no clue about those…. haha

As if it was meant to be we also broke today 10,000 VIEWS on our Website (not including the Database) WOHOO!!!!
Thank you to all the Active Members that stayed with us through good and bad, as well as those that give us feedback on everything. THANK YOU!!!
We will have a little something coming up this weekend, so look out for it.

And now we also have some New Books to Announce that just got released by TNT.

Happy Chomby day Everyone.


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3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Chad!!!”

  1. Katie says:


  2. Chad says:

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Pia Thibault says:

    Hi I enjoy the site its brill