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Guild Ranks are back

Are you part of our Neopets S2 Book World Guild? Have you been looking for a new challenge? Well we are more than happy to announce that the Guild Ranks are BACK!!!

New Members will start out as Muppets and can slowly work their way up through various tests and required achievements to Super Muppet, Silver Collector, Gold Collector, Platinum Collector.

Due to this NEW ranking system we also had to restructure a bit the old ranks. Muppets and Super Muppets will keep their rank unchanged. The old Ultimate and Elite Muppets will get the appropriate rank in the new System. Retired Staffers will get their new Rank +1.

With our new Ranks we are also excited to present the NEW TROPHIES that you will receive upon achieving Silver Collector or higher. Old Ultimate and Elite Muppets who have received one of those Status are welcome to submit the application for their rank to receive their personalized trophies as well.

So shiny, So NEW, I want…

Have fun collecting!


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