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Full Neopets Trophy Section

Wow the News I am bringing you today has been something that I have been dreaming of putting together ever since I started on the new S2 Site in 2009. This new year holds some great promises. I am proud to announce our newest, latest, and most complex project I have faced with S2 so far.


You will now be able to track ALL trophies that you can gain on Neopets in our Database. We’ve added now also support not only to the game trophies but also to Event & Feature trophies.
With this new edition we have covered all collectible trophies available on Neopets. Our Database holds now:

I want to collect them all…

Please enjoy our Database and enjoy the thrill of getting new trophies.

Note: As this is the initial release of our two new trophy sections, please let us know if you notice any bugs, or wrong entries as well as trophies we might be missing. Feel free to write us also just with wishes, comments or thanks 😉 Just use our Contact Us Form.

Thanks again to my staff and all the members and viewers of our site for the great support over the years.

Your S2 Admin,



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