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Food Database Help Needed

Thanks to the hard work of some of our staff members, our databases are in pretty good shape! We need your help with the gourmet foods database though, to get it completed. We have a complete list of gourmets, but we still need ID numbers for some of those items. You can find a list of food ID’s that are still needed here.

Not sure how to find the ID of an item? Our How to ID items page can help you with that.

I’m uber-rare…both my ID and description are still missing

Many people ask us why we need ID’s. They are one method that collectors use to sort their lists, and we try hard to provide what our collectors need 😉
As well they provide a way for us to confirm that the items are available on neo for users and have actually been released rather than being just searchable.
ID numbers are given out in order, so it puts items in the order that they were released by TNT.

In case you were wondering, we have ID’s for all of our released books and booktastics. We still need ID’s for the following stamps:

If you can help us with any of these ID’s please neomail Andulien, mrs_weasley13 or steve_km.

And thanks in advance for you help with this project 🙂


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