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Final Festival of Neggs Quest Steps

There is a new book that is part of this quest, but is not awarded during the plot. Just in case it will be awarded at a later date (like with the last quest), here are the steps to finishing this final quest…

1. Again, you quest starts with Kari who tells you “Let’s see… considering how busy I’ve been at the Festival, maybe it would be a nice change of pace to visit a place that is less populated, archaic even. I am also quite passionate about landscape painting. Perhaps there is a place that I can visit that will give me a little time away as well as let me enjoy some beautiful scenery. As for the rest of my possible destinations, I’m sure you can come up with a few good ideas…”

2. A visit to Tyrannian Cave Painting is in order. Click on each of the paintings until you get your next clue…’That’s quite a painting you’ve got there… it’s for Kari, you say? I had no idea she was a patron of the arts. I have heard, however, that she’s a rather sporty type. And what better place to enjoy a nice sporting event than on the beaches of Neopia. Just keep an eye out for those Turdles. Don’t worry about the painting—I’ll see to it that it’s delivered. As for you, here’s a souvenir to remind you of your time here during the remainder of your voyage! ” You get:

3. Next you will need to send in a score of 250 or more in Mynci Beach Volleyball. Your prize for this:

and another clue”Whew! After a match like that last one, I sure could use something to eat. Care for a bite? I’ve got an extra Zeenana in my bag; you’re welcome to it. I see—not a fan, eh? Maybe you will enjoy some cheesy crackers instead. This Island food’s okay, but it’s nothing compared to the sweet ambrosia of my favourite land… oh well, even if the food’s not so great here, the lovely views Mystery Island has to offer are certainly a selling point!

4. Off you go to the Exquisite Ambrosia Shop to buy an Altadorian Ambrosia. You may need to refresh until it show up. This is what it looks like:

5. Next Kari wants some ice cream…so head over to Ice Cream Machine and send in 3 scores (you will need to pass the chocolate level for your score to count). Your prize here is:

6. Next, Kari wants a change of scenery, so find your way to Mystical Surroundings. Here you will actually have to buy yourself a background and customize your active pet with it. After you have done this, go back to Mystical Surroundings. Your next clue reads as follows: “Picking up a souvenir to remind you of your time in Qasala, eh? Beats living with this sweltering heat every day, that’s for sure. There’s one good thing about the weather here, though—getting a nice tan isn’t too difficult. Laying out, however, can be awfully dull unless you’ve got something to keep you entertained… ”

7. You will need to visit Sutek’s Scrolls and buy (no actual cost) Things to Do In Sakhmet. You may need to refresh for it to appear. It looks like this:
Note: this book is not being awarded as a prize at this time. We are hoping it will be like the last quest and be given to us at a later date.

8. Hey, wait! This just fell out of the book. Hmm… that’s most unusual. This isn’t something that I would ordinarily sell in my shop. It appears to be some sort of key; I wonder what it’s supposed to open? Most unusual indeed…
Go to your inventory, click on the key and choose examine key from the list of options.

Upon closer examination, you notice some very faint and worn symbols on the key that look familiar. Perhaps you should explore Neopia’s lands to figure out what this key might unlock?

9. Head over to Coltzan’s Shrine. There are 4 symbols on the shrine….each will make a different sound. You need to find a pattern of 4 sounds that will let you into the shrine. The pattern for unlocking the shrine is Grinding-Hissing-Clicking-Knocking-Grinding-Hissing-Knocking (Thanks to our member juli0123456789482 for that hint!). The rectangular hole acts as a reset button. Eventually you will get a message that says “A hidden door opens in the side of the shrine! Where could it lead?” Follow the link in the message.

10. “You have found the long-lost King’s Key and discovered a place traversed by few. Choose your path wisely, brave Neopet. One wrong move and you could be banished to the beginning. Find the correct path, and you will enter a place that is known only by the most enlightened. ” You will need to find your way through the tunnels. It is easiest if you try to keep track of where you’ve been so you don’t backtrack. Once you find your way out, you will find the Mystical Desert Oasis

11. Phew….give yourself a pat on the back here! Head back to Kari who has a reward for your efforts…

Two Bonus Items

An avatar is given out to those who completed each quest before the next one was released:
Good Luck Everyone!


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