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Faerie Books, Gourmets and Cheese Adventure

Neopets is featuring a new little hunt to shorten the time a little until the next Altador Cup in 43 days. It seems that the Stadium has gone through some restructuring and exploded. In the Mac and Cheese Sponsor Game you can now help finding the 14 pieces, and receive a Book for it too. This is currently only available in the US.

You can find the first released pieces here: Neopian Plaza, Geraptiku, Volcano Run II, Moltara, Tunnel Tumble, Altador.

I can be your price!!!

TNT also has finally released the Faerie Books, so all the Faerie readers and collectors have finally more stories to read about. Enjoy!

We also just found, hot from the plate, some new Gourmet Foods for all our Pets that are looking for delicious food.

We are also on the lookout for another possible Gourmet. Please let us know if you see anywhere “Yellow Kacheek Lemonade”. Neomail Andulien if you see one on the TP or SW. Thank you for your help.


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