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DB Update and Bug fix

What an exciting start into the weekend. I finally had some time to work on some requests again, as well as on a few things that have been bugging me for a loooong time.

Bug fix:
Hasn’t it been bugging you too that when you select on one of the lists a sort option, it will be reset again once you change the site or click on an item to add or remove? Well this will all change now. Starting today with the Booktastic Need List, I will be slowly rolling out an update for each database page where there is an sorting option that stays selected until you pick another one. (All Lists have received their update)

Finally back the order I like.

Update: Select now your main pet. Hasn’t it been bothering you that when you log in you always have to select your pet first before you can get active in updating your collections? Well I saved you now that step. Once you first select a pet it will be your active and will stay that way even when you log off and back on. No worries, you change your active pet just as usual. Enjoy!!!

Pick me, pick me…

PS: If you notice any problems, please notify me over the Contact Us Form.


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