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Database Update

Wow we have already on the second day a lot of Updates on the Database to Announce hehe

Sorting the Books is quite some work!!!

First of all, Books as well as Foods are now available to view on the Database. You can see the Items with the Rarities, as well as Updated Prices.
We have Books, Booktastics, Foods, Avatars, and Battledome Challengers Updated.
For Stamps we are still working on Prices, but that should be done soon as well.

You will discover several nice New Features on the Database:
You can now see all the Missing/Unreleased Books, Booktastics, Stamps, Foods that we know of.
As I mentioned yesterday, but nobody seems to have quite noticed it yet, in the Need lists you will also be able to see which Books your Pet can’t read for example.

For all the older Muppets, you will have to re-register again. We were not able to save the Data of the old Database before it got shut down back then by the previous Web Admin.

For all you Curious ones, we are planning on bringing back the Import function, so be patient just a little longer hehe
We have more Updates to come, look forward to it in the News!

This is it for now, Feedback is always welcome.
Just leave us a Comment here on the News, or meet the Staff in the Spankys Chat, which you can find under the Community Menu Item.


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