Special Album Items

Ever wondered where to find those Rare Stamps and Coins that don’t stock in the shops? Well after some thorough research we were able to find those items that you have been wondering about. Here we have listed all Stamps and Coins that are Rarity 100 and above with their interesting Origins of Events, Special Codes, and other Giveaways. Currently all shells are available in the store. Just hover your mouse over the picture to find out the name and rarity of each item.

*These items, with the exception of most of the Coconuts that are given out as prizes, become extremely limited in number. As months and years go by, the prices of such items can reach millions. After a time they may be nearly impossible to find at any price. If you have the means it’s a good idea to get these items while you still can.

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Trick-or-Treat, 2017

Altador Cup XII Prize, 2017

Altador Cup XII Prize, 2017

Festival of Neggs Event Prize, 2017

Daily Dare Event Prize, 2017

Daily Dare Event Prize, 2017

Daily Dare Prize, 2017

Games Master Event Prize, 2016

Trick-or-Treat Bag, 2016

Trick-or-Treat Bag, 2016

Altador Cup XI Prize, 2016

Daily Dare Event Prize, 2016

Festival of Neggs Prize, 2016

Game Master Event Prize, 2015

Altador Cup X Prize, 2015

Altador Cup X Prize, 2015

Ghoul Catchers App, 2015

Grave Danger Daily, 2014

Trick-or-Treat Bag, 2014

Altador Cup IX Prize, 2014

Moltara Mystery, 2014

Daily Dare Event Prize, 2013

Altador Cup VIII Prize, 2013

War for the Obelisk Event Prize, 2013

Games Master Challenge Event Prize, 2012

Altador Cup VII Prize, 2012

Daily Dare Event, 2012

Games Master Challenge Event Prize, 2011

Masks of Dread Event, 2011

Forgotten Shore Daily, 2011

Krawk Island disappearance Event Prize, 2011

Altador Cup VI Prize, 2011

Faerie Caverns Prize, 2011

First of a series of Dr Sloth Stamp Auctions, Feb 2011

Faerieland Plot – The Faeries Ruin Event Prize, 2011

Games Master Challenge Event Prize, 2010

Save the Wheels Event Prize, 2010

Retired Altador Cup V Prize, 2010

Retired Stamp, 2010
This Stamp was originally r30.

Retired Altador Cup II Prize, 2007

Altador Cup I Prize, 2006

Lutari Island Mobile Prize, 2006
These prizes are unavailable since June 30th 2009.

Coconut Shy Prize, 2005

Lenny Conundrum, 2004
This item was originally given out as a Number 6 plushie from the Lenny Conundrum. Those particular plushies were later changed into a Flaming Evil Coconut.

Advent Calendar, 2004

Coconut Shy, 2004

Coco roller Mobile Prize, 2004
You used to be able to get this Stamp from playing a mobile phone game up to level 5 to receive the Coco Roll codes, which were then entered at the Neopets Mobile Page. This is, as of March 13th 2007, no longer available .

Rarity 100 Coin, 2004

Rarity 100 Coin, 2004

An exclusive prize for being published in the 100th issue of the Neopian Times.

Lenny Conundrum, 2003

Advent Calendar, 2003

Retired Stamps, 2003

Better Than You, 2002

Lenny Conundrum, 2002

Great Stamp Giveaway, 2002

These Stamps won’t be released again, except possibly in a very special Dr Sloth Auction, if you are lucky!

Mystery Picture Competition, 2002

Advent Calendar, 2002