Album Starter Guide

Need some tips to get your stamp collection to where you want it to be? Are you wanting to earn one of the shiny stamp trophies or avatars? Then this is the page for you!

Stamp Avatars

If you are interested in earning stamp avatars, it is important to note that not every album has an avatar to go with it. These are the avatars that can be earned from filling the respective albums:

Just hover over each image to see which album it comes from.

The other important consideration to make, is that in order to earn these avatars you will need to spend millions (and millions….and more millions) of Neopoints! Each album has several items that have a high rarity, so consequently costs mega-NPs! There are 25 stamps to collect for each album.

Album Items shops/game


Neopian Post Office sells a variety of stamps.
Collectable Coins sells coins and scarabs.
Collectable Sea Shells sells Sea Shells, Maractite Coins and Treasures of the Deep items.
Toy Shop sells charms.
Coconut Shy can be played to win coconuts.


These shops all sell items up to r100. Items that are r180 are retired. Items that are r101 come from different events as prizes.


To view your stamp album, click here.
If you want to get there yourself, just go to the post office in Neopia Central, and follow the link in the shop.

To put a collectable in your album, simply click on it. In the option drop down list will be “Put in Stamp Album”. It is important to know that once you put a stamp/album item into your album, it can never be taken out again!

Yup…putting something in your album is permanent, so be sure of what you want to do!