Retired & Changed Rarity


Have you ever heard that there are Gourmet foods that are not edible anymore? Over time there have been many Gourmets that have either retired or got their rarity changed to below 90 and as such will not count anymore towards your overall goal of having eaten all Neopets Gourmets.

I don’t taste as good anymore as I used to…

Note: This least is only as such complete that we have collected and verified these past gourmets from our Members and their Food Lists on Neopets. Should you find anymore, please let us know and send us a link with the Gourmet eaters list and the name of the Food. Thank you.


5/6 Garden Fresh Pizza 5/6 Garden Fresh Pizza
A vegetarian delight, spinach, herbs, pesto and those delightful edible pink flowers!


5/6 Yummy Cloud Pizza 5/6 Yummy Cloud Pizza
A rather interesting recipe given to the Pizzaroo chefs by a kind Air faerie


5/6 Chilli Deluxe Pizza 5/6 Chilli Deluxe Pizza
Extra spicy with fresh chilli, chilli flavour hot dogs and jalapeno peppers!


5/6 Anchovy Pizza 5/6 Anchovy Pizza
A delightful pizza with a bit of a salty taste!


5/6 Cauliflower and Lentil Pizza 5/6 Cauliflower and Lentil Pizza
Cauliflower and lentil… together at last!


5/6 Chilli Cheese Pizza 5/6 Chilli Cheese Pizza
This goopy pizza is very tasty, but also very spicy!


5/6 Jelly Bean Pizza 5/6 Jelly Bean Pizza
This pizza has a sugary base that goes extremely well with the sticky baked jelly bean topping.


5/6 Mushroom Pizza 5/6 Mushroom Pizza
Mmmm… the mushrooms on this pizza are fresh and there is a nice zesty sauce.


5/6 Pepperoni and Mushroom Pesto Pizza 5/6 Pepperoni and Mushroom Pesto Pizza
Mmm…salty Pepperoni, yummy mushroom and aromatic pesto make for a perfect combination!


5/6 Smiley Pizza 5/6 Smiley Pizza
A cheese and tomato pizza with the tomatoes arranged in a smiley face shape.


5/6 Steak and Egg Pizza 5/6 Steak and Egg Pizza
This is a hearty meal for anyone!


5/6 Sushi Pizza 5/6 Sushi Pizza
Dont eat the chopsticks.


5/6 White Pizza 5/6 White Pizza
For those who dont like tomato sauce, this delicious cheesy pizza should satisfy any craving!


Question Mark Cupcake Question Mark Cupcake
Does the question mark mean its questionable whether or not you should eat it?


Asparagus and Butter Hot Dog Asparagus and Butter Hot Dog
Hot buttered asparagus in a cheese flavoured hot dog bun.


Black Currant Gummy Kiko Black Currant Gummy Kiko
Blackcurrant and chewy, what more could you want?


Blairnut Blairnut
Legend says that this weird looking nut has mystical qualities.


Combomelon Plant Combomelon Plant
You can move around the parts of the Combomelon to make funny shapes!


Crystal Pop Crystal Pop
Better tasting than diet, with only half the calorie!


Flaming Bomberry Flaming Bomberry
One in every 100 Bomberries catches fire due to the heat while growing, giving it this unique colouration. They taste out of this world!


Globlin Globlin
A very potent, spicy treat especially nice on top of a salad.


Hot Dog Sundae Hot Dog Sundae
Ewwww… what kind of NeoPet would find this tasty???


Level Up Shroom Level Up Shroom
This mystical mushroom is the most sought after as it will put any pet who eats it up a level!!!


MechaBerries MechaBerries
Made from a natural, edible metal alloy. Supplies much of the nutrients in the right proportions for healthy pets.


Mega Power Plusshroom Mega Power Plusshroom
Straight from the dimension of goodness, this Mega Power Plus mushroom will do your pet a world of good!


Minty Shrimp Minty Shrimp
A real treat for the seafood connosieur!


Puntec Pie Puntec Pie
Tremendous amounts of care are taken when baking this pie. The fruit cannot be too ripe or it will go green.


Purple Sardplant Purple Sardplant
A sard plant has a boring, salty taste, and is usually given to young NeoPets to teach them a lesson for doing something wrong.


Seasonal Pudding Seasonal Pudding
This great big fruit pudding will keep your Neopet full for hours!


Snowberries Snowberries
This fruit is cold no matter what the surrounding climate is. They are very tasty, too.


Sourmelon Sourmelon
Get ready to pucker up. This sour treat will have you begging for more.


Spironut Spironut
When taken in large quantities, this nut has the ability to cheer the most miserable pet.


Spooky Jelly Brains Spooky Jelly Brains
Eww these seem to be pulsating!


Strength Shroom Strength Shroom
What fails to kill you will make you stronger…


Super Fast Shroom Super Fast Shroom
Make your pet faster… permanently with this incredibly rare treat!


Super Gelupepper Super Gelupepper
Super Gelupeppers contain concentrated gelupepper seeds. Your mouth will be freezing cold for weeks after eating one of these.


Swill Pudding Swill Pudding
Just like Jelly, only made from dirty river water.


Tagobo Potion - ONE DAY ONLY Tagobo Potion – ONE DAY ONLY
Used for making shrunk things bigger. One use. Keep at room temperature.


Thistleberry Fruit Salad Thistleberry Fruit Salad
A tantalising blend of the most unexpected fruits that really is quite delicious.


Transparaberry Transparaberry
Filled with watery juice that is quite refreshing.


White Chocolate Pear White Chocolate Pear – Transformed out of former Gourmet Item
A delicious baked pear dipped in white chocolate.


Whomp Berries Whomp Berries
These bizarre looking berries grow in the thickest jungle regions. They are extremely tasty, but really rare!


Yellow Healthshroom Yellow Healthshroom
The most powerful Healthshroom on the market! This one cures your pet of any disease also!