Historic & Lost Gourmets

Gourmet Image Changes | Lost Gourmets | Rumors

Oh how we all appreciate the change TNT has done. This might sound ironic, but especially in the Gourmet section, you sure can be happy sometimes about the new Recipes that have been reinvented (redrawn). Here you will now be able to find our which Gourmets have been updated, and also a separate section of all the Foods that TNT never released.

I wonder why they didn’t release this delicious cake…

Gourmet Image Changes

You can still buy these Gourmets in the shops, but they have gotten a day in the spa and shiny new names, images or names and images!

Unreleased and Lost Gourmets

These Delicious looking Gourmets have never been released to the Neopian public. But one would hope they may be found some day, as they look so…appetizing.


May it be a Rumor or not, but we did indeed find some very very old hidden item, that is said to have never existed. You can believe it, or you can just let it be as it is, but here is our screenshot from way way way back.

Can it truly be???