Gourmet Starter Guide

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The most important thing to realize about gourmet feeding, is that the foods must be r90-100. Any foods with a lower or higher rarity will not count towards your gourmet club ranking. Your pet will earn 1 point for each gourmet food eaten.
You can see the foods your active pet has eaten by visiting the Gourmet Club Hall of Fame and following the link at the top of the highscore list they give for your active pet.

Where can you buy foods?

Every food shop (there are 26 of them!) in Neopia offers fresh (and sometimes not so fresh) gourmets for sale. In addition to restocking them in shops, you can buy many of them in user shops. Many of the rarer ones can be bought at the auction house, or on the trading post. For a full list on every food shop, see our Guide to Gourmet Shops.


Feeding Tips

In order to feed your pet, it must not be bloated.

Seven days of not feeding your pet will get it to dying. At that point you can feed it 1 food every 75 minutes, and it will stay starving.

Feeding your pet a Rainbow Melt Pizza will make your pet become very full. It is best to feed this when they are bloated because then it will actually make them hungrier instead of filling them up.

Sometimes a pet will refuse to eat a food. You can work around this by changing to a different language and then feeding. The only food this will Not work for is Wasabi.

Gourmet related avatar:

Purchase (not eat!) a item from the Chocolate Factory with a rarity of 90 or higher