Gourmet Shop Guide

Food Shops
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Where would you find Gourmet Foods for your pets?

Did you just start feeding Gourmets? Well the beginning is never easy, especially with sooo many shops and places to go to, to find your gourmets. For this we created this thorough guide with links to each and every gourmet shop and place where you can find gourmets. Just click on the shop name to get to it. Have fun shopping.

Food Shops
Each land in Neopia has it’s own shop(s) which each have *ahem* “delicious” gourmet foods for your pet to enjoy.

The Bakery
Brightvale Fruits
Cafe Kreludor
Chocolate factory
The Coffee Shop
The Crumpet Monger
Exotic Food
Exquisite Ambrosia
Faerie Foods
Grundo’s cafe
Health Food
Hubert’s Hot Dogs
Jelly Food
Kiko Lake Treats
Lost Desert Food
Meridell Food
Molten Morsels
Neopian Fresh Food
Qasalan Delights
Slushie Shop
Smoothie Store
Spooky Food
Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop
Tropical Food Shop
Tyrannian Food

In addition to the shops, you can also find gourmets in a couple other places

Spend some Dubloons and have a nice meal at the Golden Dubloon. You have the chance of taking home a gourmet leftover. (Food must be eaten from inventory. Foods eaten at the restaurant do not count towards Gourmet total).
If you’re lucky, the Easter Bunny will drop by in a random event and give you one of its Gourmet Neggs
You can also try making your own Food at the Cooking Pot. (Only one Gourmet available: Banana Grub – Recipe: Organic Bananas + Wriggling Grub)
In the local Gift shop you might be able to stumble upon two gourmet Neggs. (Green Gem Negg & Gold Gem Negg)
You might also check by the Igloo Garage Sale. On very rare occasions you can find there Magical Chia Pops.
Drop in a Nerkmid and have a chance at winning one of the following gross gourmet foods at the Alien Aisha Vending Machine: