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Which one should I pick?

Lucky for collectors, not too many of these cards have been retired as of yet! If you find one that is not here, be sure to let us know! These are the cards that are retired as of January, 2012:

Fire Breathing Meerca was originally r30
Hagar Mountbane was originally r30
Shyanna was originally r30 and named Tyrannian Wocky.
Sticks and Stones was originally r30
The Lava Ghoul was originally r30
Snow Wars Collectable Card was given out as an advent calendar prize in 2002.
The Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop Card was given out as an advent calendar prize in 2003.
The Storyteller was a special event prize from the Storytelling Contest in August of 2011. The Storyteller is given out to the winners of every 100th Storytelling Competition.


Did you know that in the beginning of Neopian time, one had to pay to store collectible cards?! It was like having a gallery or a shop that you had to pay to expand. At one point, TNT made Neodecks unlimited for everyone.
Card appearances also changed over time. Have a look at the changes that have happened over the years:


Premium Collectable Cards

Premium users are given one premium card per month of service. Occasionally an anniversary card is also given out. These cards are viewable only…they cannot be removed, traded or sold, nor do they count towards your collectable card high score. If a user discontinues premium service, the cards are also lost.

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