Unlocking ‘Boring’ Books

That is like such a boring book!

Did you ever find your pet refusing to read a book, saying that it’s boring? And no matter how many times you force your pet to read it, they still find it uninteresting? Well, your pet doesn’t just have very picky interests, it just finds these books “boring” because of the amount of characters in your pet’s name and the amount of characters in a book’s title.

Here’s how it works!

Let “m” equal your pet’s character length:
Formula 1: (m+1)*2
Formula 2: ((m+1)*2)+1
(These formulas were found by tc17, a veteran neopets player that quit some time ago)

If you count the number of characters in a book’s title (including spaces!), and it equals the answer to one of the equations above, then your pet will find it boring.

(m + 1)…? Uhh…

Confused? Let’s put it this way. Let’s say your pet’s name was SpankaroonieTwo. She has 15 characters in her name. So, fill in m = 15, and it should look like this:
Formula 1: (15+1)*2
Formula 2: ((15+1)*2)+1

After calculating both these equations, you should get 32 for the first, and 33 for the second equation. Now that’s all fine and dandy, but what does that mean? It means that all books that have 32 or 33 characters in their name will be considered ‘boring’ by your pet.

Uh-oh! It seems as if SpankaroonieTwo will indeed find some books simply too boring to bother with! These two are the dreaded novels: Skyward an Eyries Guide to Flying (33 characters) & Secrets of the Desert Paint Brush (33 characters)

Aww… We’re not that boring, are we?

But, don’t worry, there’s a solution! For your pet to read a book that it finds “boring”, simply change the language at the bottom of the Neopets page (next to the search bar) and read the book again!