Retired Books

Over the course of the years, a lot of books have ‘retired’, or in better words, they’re no longer being printed. Below you will find the origin of all retired books currently in Neopia, including but not limited to Books from old plots, the Advent Calendar, and other special events.

Do take note that these books are now ‘limited’ in supply and can (/will) rise to extreme prices. With the passing of every year, the prices of these books go up more and can reach up to the multi-digit millions for a single copy. After a while they may even be completely impossible to find, so if you have the means, it’s a good idea to get these books as soon as possible.

Plots & Events | Retired over the years | Video Store

Plots & Events
A lot of books have been given out as plot or event rewards over the years, below is a full overview of all of these.

Altador Cup II Prizes, 2007
Slushie Slinging For NovicesSore Throat Remedies

Altador Cup I Prizes, 2006
1,001 Yooyuball TipsMaking the Finals: Darigan CitadelSpooking the CompetitionThe Underdog Story

Lost Desert Plot Prizes, 2006
Anubis Toxicology Reports (Abridged)How to Play the ViolaSecrets of Dirigible Construction
How to Play the ViolaThe Annals of Insanity

Cyodrake’s Gaze Plot Prize, 2006

Advent Calendar, 2006

Advent Calendar, 2005

Advent Calendar, 2004

Advent Calendar, 2003

Advent Calendar, 2002

Retired over the years
These books were normal, restockable books, but over the course of the years they were retired.

Defence For UnisFlotsamsFull Moon FeverGoodbye MelGrarrls Are Great

Green Thumb GuideJetsamsJump Into the FutureKickin KikosLife Behind the Bow Tie

Little Book Of Big VolcanosLovely LennysMote MagicMy First Chia BookMy Zafara and Me

Mysterious BookNeoFashionNimmo Faerie TalesOfficial Usukicon Y6 Guide BookPeophin MD

Starting SpellsThe Abandoned AcaraTime TravelUnofficial Usukicon Y6 Guide BookUsukicon Y7 Guide Book

Usukicon Y8 Colouring BookUsukicon Y8 Guide Book

Video Store
Once upon a time, there was a Video Store in Neopia, the Lenny Video Store, run by a Lenny holding up a VHS tape. It sold Video tapes which resembled what we know as Toys that could be played with to increase your pet’s happiness.

When DVDs became all the rage, these Videos were renderred useless and were thus, on December 7th, 2001… Changed into beautiful, beautiful books! The Video Store was closed down and the changed books were retired. Here’s the list of all of them!

Solid Steel Book

Warped Book

Ancient Book

Bitten Book

Book of Bones

Book of Ice Magic

Book of Pain

Book of Sea Spells

Book of Splinters

Popular Neopian Stories

Book of Symbols

Book of Vision

Bound Magic Book

Chained Book

Locked Book

Scaled Magic Book

Golden Shoyru Book

Nimmo Joe Book

Book of Bizarre Tales