Lost Books

Ever wondered which Books never made the cut? The Books that TNT kept hidden in their secret catacombs, the Books that were just not good enough for its members? With many of these Books you might see similarities to other Books, that TNT decided to release instead. Many times, it was just the name that was changed.

None the less, we dug them up out of the hidden chambers in the deepest depths of Neopia, straight from its locked vaults. Should you discover any other lost books, that we might have missed here, please notify Andulien.

We now present to you, The Lost Books.

Forever Lost Books | Searchable Lost Books


Forever Lost Books



Searchable Lost Books

TNT has also been hiding some Books from the curious eyes of their members. The following Books have been and some might still be searchable, but they have never been activated or released. If you happen to find a picture for them, please notify Andulien.