Book Starter Guide

Starters Book Shops | Book Avatars | Loyal User Perks | Book Intelligence 101
Lowering a Pet’s Intelligence | Intelligence Levels

So you want to become a well read Neopian Reader? There are many things to watch out for as a beginner.
This little starter’s guide will cover the basics of what you will need to know. You will learn about book shops, favorite question for collectors, and earning some Avatars related to reading as well. We will also cover some Loyal User Neopets Perks, and last we will give you a little insight on what the Intelligence of you pet means, and how to raise it.

Starter Book Shops

There are many Book shops and places you can buy regular Books from. Make sure to not confuse this with Booktastic Books. Here you will find a short list of the most important Book shops for starters.


Book Shop
Faerieland Bookshop
Sutek’s Scrolls
Brightvale Books
Words of Antiquity
Neovian Printing Press
Moltaran Books
Springy Shop

Book Avatars

TNT came up with a great deal for those of you who collect both avatars and read books! There are 3 books from the Hidden Tower that when read, will raise you on the book award list and give you an avatar.


Grimoire of the First Order costs 100,000 NP
Grimoire of Prosperity costs 1,000,000 NP
Grimoire of Affluence costs 10,000,000 NP


What you need to know about the Hidden Tower:

1. Your account must be four months or older for you to be able to visit the Hidden Tower.
2. You are allowed to purchase one item every 24 hours.
3. If your account is older than 60 months, you may want to wait for the discount day. On the third Wednesday of each month, you can get a 3% discount…and when you are paying 10 million np, it is sure worth waiting for!

These 3 books are all no-trade, so they will never be found on the trading post or in auctions, nor can you ask someone to buy it for you.

Ahhh….found it!

Loyal User Perk

Generally, once you read a book to your pet it disappears. However, if your account is 24 months old or older, you have a chance of keeping your book after it is read….which is a huge bonus if you are reading a book which costs millions! Of course, there is only a small chance of this happening, but sure is a fun perk when it does!

Wouldn’t you be excited if I didn’t poof after being read!

Intelligence 101

Is your pet baffled by the sight of a doorknob or unsure of how to use a butterknife? Then this section is for you!

Intelligence is one of the stats your pet has, along with strength, agility, level and health. These are Battledome stats that will affect the use of certain weapons and armor. Your pet will need a very high intelligence to properly use some items.

Pet’s intelligence can be raised several ways:


For each book that your pet reads, their intelligence will increase randomly by 1-2 points
Feed it a Genius Negg (this will also give you one of six books)
Feeding a Witchy negg May increase intelligence 5 points.
Visiting Coltzan’s Shrine may give your active pet a random increase.
Spinning the Wheel of Knowledge and landing on the lightbulb space will increase your active pet’s intelligence.
Visiting the Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity offers random intelligence increases. The message you would see is “While staring at the discarded plushie, YOURPETNAME has an epiphany, and seems a bit more enlightened. “
Sparkle Potion will increase your pet’s intelligence by 1-3 points.
Potion of Brightvale Castle will either do nothing or increase your pet’s intelligence by 1.
Illusen Day Elixir will increase your pet’s intelligence by 2 points.
Greater Earthen Potion will increase your pet’s strength by 2 and their intelligence by 2.
Elixir of Intellect will increase your pet’s intelligence by 2 points.
If you finish Faerie Crosswords quickly, it will raise your active pet’s intelligence.
When playing the games Cliffhanger or Guess the Card, there’s a small chance that your active pet will gain intelligence


Can my pet’s intelligence be lowered?

Indeed it can! This is how it can happen:


Feeding it a Staring Negg. This will decrease your pet’s intelligence by 10.
Feeding a Kaleideonegg will randomly alter your pets stats…either raise them or lower them (not only intelligence, but any stat)
Feeding a Glamour negg will decrease intelligence.


Intelligence Levels

It’s all about the brains!

0-4: Dim Witted (Grundos only)
5-9: Dull (Grundos only)
10-14: Average
15-19: Above Average
20-24: Bright
25-29: Clever
30-34: Very Clever
35-39: Brilliant
40-44: Genius
45-49: Super Genius
50-54: Mega Genius
55-59: Total Genius
60-94: Master Genius
Above 95: Ultimate Genius