Book Image Memoires

The good old days of Neopia with all its superb graphics… If you weren’t there when the image quality was ‘bad’ (to say the least) or you are you simply interested in flipping through some of those memories, you’ve found yourself the right page. After doing some research, we were able to recover and dust off these beautiful antiques that Neopets once released. We even came across some books that completely disappeared off the face of Neopia! We wonder why…

Note: We are still missing the old image of ‘How to Ride a Bike’, if you have a copy of it, please neomail Andulien!

Disappeared Books | Books with outdated art | Image Changes
Retired Books Image Changes

Disappeared Books
These books have completely disappeared off the face of Neopets, oh, the good ol’ times…

Books with outdated art
These books come from the same era, but their art was never updated and so they remain ‘beautiful’, as they are, available in Neopia.

Image Changes
All of these precious Books are still available in the shops of Neopia, but have had substantial beauty treatment to make them look a bit more… Interesting. Some books only had their image updated, others were completely renamed and remade.

Retired Books Image Changes
And last but not least, all the Retired Books that have changed their Images over time. If you are wondering about the Old Videos that changed to Books, please take a look at our Retired Books page.